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We provide comprehensive IT soutions to our clients that effectively support their everyday work. Our consultants and developers have extensive business and technological knowledge, providing excellent opportunities for creating efficient and sustainable IT applications. Our services provide E2E software development processes, from planning to implementation. We help to introduce new applications, and carry out optimization and modernization modifications for existig ones according to our clients’ expectations.

E2E software developement projects

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Software Technology Advisory Service

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Supporting existing teams

We cover a wide range of IT fields, enabling us to quickly and efficiently supplement existing teams with any key competencies that may be lacking. Our colleagues have comprehensive experience in telecommunications, finance, healthcare informatics, energy, and the oil and gas sectors, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into any team. Thanks to the successful implementation of numerous hungarian and international projects, we are aware of the challenges that may arise in companies of various sizes and profiles. Therefore, both our clients and colleagues can rely on a solid professional background.




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E2E Software Development Projects

Our consultants and developers have up-to-date business and technological knowledge, providing an excellent opportunity to create efficient and future-proof IT applications. Depending on the complexity of software development needs, it is often faster and more efficient to involve an external team of experts to achieve the goals. With our end-to-end (E2E) service, we cover software development processes from planning to execution, whether it involves introducing a new software product, application, or modifying, rewriting, modernizing, and optimizing existing ones.






Software developement as a service

In the life cycle of a company, it may reach a level of maturity where it can delegate the planning, implementation, and support activities related to current software development to an external partner. This partner can carry out tasks based on pre-agreed SLA parameters, including quality KPIs and time KPIs. With this step, a significant burden is lifted from the company’s shoulders; there is no need to allocate internal resources to these activities, and management becomes unnecessary. We provide software development services with highly qualified experts, applying new technologies, processes, and methodologies.




Software Technology Advisory Service







During our advisory service, we assist in the selection process by offering solutions tailored to the identified software development needs. This involves using the most suitable technologies or proposing existing solutions, such as off-the-shelf applications. In addition to technology, we also provide support for introducing methodologies, such as development methodologies, if our client wishes to adopt something new, such as Scrum or SAFe, or embrace Continuous Delivery. Furthermore, we develop and present Proof of Concepts (PoC) to explore and showcase potential future solutions.



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